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Jacob wrestles 

Based on Genesis 32-33, and The Story of Redemption, Chapter 13 by Ellen G. White 

In a sleepless night, Jacob spent time on his own, and prayed. He prayed for the overdue meeting with Esau and the wrath he was sure to meet. He prayed for the sins of his past and repentance. The answer to his earnest prayers came under the guise of an angel, but it was Jesus Himself, who wrestled with Jacob all night. 

As the morning rays were forcing its way into the abyss of the desert night, an exhausted Jacob realised his true need. When the sun peeked over the horizon to illuminate the land, clarity was brought to his mind. “Let me go, for the day breaketh!” the angel pleaded, but Jacob matched Him with a request of his own, “I will not let thee go except thou bless me.” Then he asked his name, and this time it was his Heavenly Father asking, and Jacob knew why. Before, Isaac asked his name and he answered “Esau” in order to deceptively receive the blessing, but this time Jacob was honest and full of repentance so Jesus blessed him with a new name, Israel. 

Jacob wanted the assurance that God really had forgiven him for his sins of deception. It was only then that he could pursue on with his journey to reunite with his brother Esau and encounter his army of 400 men. His fear had caused him to doubt that the God of his father Abraham and Isaac had the power to truly forgive and bless him. When he was saved from the wrath of his father in law, Laban, it was still not proof enough that God loved him so dearly, despite his wrong doings. 

So God had to wrestle with him on a personal one on one level, to finally cause Jacob to realise that he had not forgiven himself, and how this placement of power on his behalf had caused a 20 year gulf between he and his home. 

When we pray and ask for forgiveness, Jesus places the petitions before His Father, and for our sake He pleads for our case. It’s His eternal love for us that paves the way for this most special and kind act of grace. Yet, despite this, we are unable to forgive ourselves, thus planting us firmly in a stronghold of regrets and transgressions. 

However, we often become comfortable in this destitution, we adapt to the situation and we let it put limitations on our relationship with God. 

It becomes such a problem that Jesus Himself comes down to pull us out and we wrestle with Him, not knowing why, until the light comes on and we realise that we need to let go in order to earnestly and sincerely ask God to bless us.