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Summer is coming!

We have only just dipped our toes into Spring (albeit a cold one), but the promise of the soon coming Summer is beckoning my affinity for strawberry chocolate tarts!

The rich bitter darkness of the Belgium chocolate met with the sun ripened sweetness of the strawberries, speckled with the tart pomegranate seeds, and cooled down with the fragrant freshly picked mint leaves.

It is Summer feasting at its finest, and I’m only too glad to take part.


Cookie Pie

For those days where rolling 20 or so individual cookies seems too arduous a task, a cookie pie may be the answer!

Pressing the whole dough into a cake tin and baking it straight away makes the path to getting diabetes more efficient.

And as it has been requested as birthday cakes this year by my nearest and dearest, I give full permission to also call it a cookie cake. Whichever name you use, I'm sure it will go down a treat!

Terribly satisfying, and also hugely indulgent, a slice of warm cookie pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream can satisfy the sweetest of cravings for all things comforting.