Why do I write?

I think in words, I describe in words, so I may as well share those things the best way I know how, in words. For some, they paint, they dance, they act, or they even make music, but for me, the written word is my chosen creative outlet.

I have never been much of a writer, but recently I have found myself putting pencil to paper to let my thoughts run across the page, and find themselves in an abyss of realisation that I had never before (for lack of a better word), realised! It has opened my eyes to the importance of having somewhere to offload all that I take in.

Every morning I wake up and I read the bible, I write down verses and or thoughts about what I have read into a journal, and it has thus far helped me immensely to remember bible stories, characters, important messages, and just getting a grasp of the bigger picture. It allows me to see running themes that interlink between different centuries, countries, characters, etc. It’s been a journey, to say the least!

I hope to share some of that here too.

and this is me

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